Bill & Sharon Krause

Hi, Welcome to our "Homepage". Our son, Colin, set this page up as a combined Mother's and Father's Day gift. He has a tremendous page of his travels around the World and his other activities which you can link to below.

We got into WWII living history through swing dancing to Big Bands at WWII USO and Hanger dances. Dressing in vintage uniforms and clothes adds to the authenticity and atmosphere of the events. As we participated in various events we have gotten to appreciate what our parents went through and the sacrifices of their generation during WWII. While we were never in the military, we honor our parents who were: Sharon's father was a Army Air Force bombardier on a B-24 in the Pacific (see the pictures of his A-2 flight jacket) and her mother served as an Army nurse at a German POW camp in Mississippi; Bill's father was a Naval aviator (flight instructor and flew Kingfishers (OS2U)) and his mother was a government censor (she is fluent in French and German) and a Red Cross volunteer. Bill's father's brother was also a Naval aviator who flew Corsairs as a night fighter with the VF-88 squadron. He was lost at sea during a training exercise off of Hilo, HI in April 1945 prior to the squadron's deployment on the USS Yorktown. Bill's Uncle Van was an Army fighter pilot (P-40, P-47 and P-51's) in CBI (China-Burma-India) with the First Air Commando Group. All of Sharon's father's brothers were also all in the Army.

We are sad to report that Bill's Mom passed away February 1, 2010 at the age of 90 after a fall and hitting her head. She was truly a kind and compassionate woman that lived a full and rich life with countless friends.

Please enjoy our pictures as much as we enjoyed the events that we participated in.

Bill & Sharon